Why Support Your Local Library


We Provide…

  • Millions of books from our own library & hundreds of partner libraries!
  • e-books
  • Movies
  • Magazines
  • Internet access
  • Free wi-fi
  • Computer help & classes
  • Hundreds of fun & educational programs for all ages
  • Databases for research; magazine, newspaper & journal articles; genealogy (Ancestry.com & more); grant seeking; resume writing; language learning
  • The library partners with local organizations to build a happy, healthy, compassionate community.

Programs for Kids, Teens, Adults, Seniors

We provide approximately 200 programs per year! Here are just a few!

  • Summer Reading Program for kids & teens
  • Weekly Computer Classes & Open Help for all your technology learning needs
  • Family Story Times
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Local artist exhibitions
  • Birthday Club & A Book Discussion Group (bring any book & lunch)
  • Book Club (3rd Tuesday each month, fiction booklist)

And so much more! See our calendar current programs.

$Fantastic Value$

  • $ Books: The average reader checks out 41 books (movies & other items) per year worth $934. Our biggest reader checks out 1,176 books/items per year worth $26,789!
  • $ Ancestry.com is accessible for free from the library. An individual annual subscription is worth $240.
  • $ Computer Help: Our technology classes and open help sessions for adults, as compared to a year of (virtual) Geek Squad Tech Support, are worth $120.

That’s an incredible  worth of library service per year, per individual, and those are just a few of our valuable services!